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Car / 4WD Battery Replacement

Replacement Battery - Fitted or Delivered.

Mobile Service Available 

Cars / 4WD

Trucks /Earthmovers

Automotive Starting Power

The six-pack design generates its own buzz. But OPTIMA SpiralCell Technology is the real hero. OPTIMA RedTopbatteries are built to withstand the abuse trucks, SUV's and 4x4's experience on and off-road while delivering a higher level of power to the starter in the critical first 10 seconds of the vehicle starting cycle. The RedTop features the lowest internal resistance of any battery on the market, which is the key to their unparalleled high power delivery, increased cycle life and fast recharge capability.


Built tough for Australian conditions

Besco offers quality batteries to suit a range of trucks and light commercial vehicles, from smaller transit vehicles to heavy usage trucking requirements. Our range includes high quality local manufactured low maintenance batteries as well as maintenance free batteries sourced from the best suppliers around the world.

Our low maintenance batteries are manufactured in Australia to provide longer life in Australian conditions, giving you complete reliability and peace of mind. Our quality maintenance free batteries provide the convenience of “fit and forget” for those who don’t want to worry about maintaining their battery.

Extra Heavy Duty

Besco Extra Heavy Duty batteries for trucks and light commercial vehicles are high quality and long lasting and are backed with a nationwide warranty.

Century Batteries

Locally manufactured products
Century has one of the widest selections of lead acid batteries in Australia. We manufacture a majority of these batteries, which are developed to the highest standards in quality. They boast innovative design features that better suit local conditions.​

Trucks /Earthmovers

Marine / Motorbike / Wetbike

Yuasa Powersports Batteries

1st choice for the serious power sports enthusiast.

Yuasa is the clear leader in powersports batteries with over 100 years experience dedicated to the supply and manufacture of superior quality powersports batteries. Developed in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, Yuasa sets the standard in powersports and are recognised as original equipment (OE) for the world's leading vehicle manufacturers.

Suitable for a diverse range of applications including motorcycles, scooters, personal watercraft and all terrain vehicles, Yuasa powersports batteries include a range of maintenance free and low maintenance products designed to deliver exactly what powersports enthusiasts really want - Maximum power, Longer life and Superior performance.

Marine Pro Series
The Marine Pro Series includes products that are designed to handle wave pounding conditions at sea together with the electrical current drains of additional accessories in your boat.


Marine / Motorbike / Wetbike

Golf Buggy / Wheelchair / Mobility Scooters
Kids Toys / House Alarms

We supply the following to suit your needs:
Century Yuasa

We can test your re-charging system to make sure you're getting the optimum life out of your battery.

We can supply the suitable charger to maintain your battery.

We are qualified auto electricians.

We can advise on & repair electrical faults if required.

Golf Buggy / Wheelchair / Mobility Scooters Kids Toys / House Alarms

Caravan battery / Motorhome battery 
Camper battery / Car battery 
Deep cycle battery / Dual battries


Make sure there is enough battery capacity (Amp Hours) to suit the application.

Calculate by following the next few steps

1. Work out the daily power needed for 12V appliances, add 30% extra     
2. Calculate practical battery capacity based on 80% depth of discharge
3. Choose a battery to provide enough power + Charger that won't struggle to recharge    

Comparison Calculation
Amps(A) per appliance x Average hours(H) of use per day = Amp Hours (AH) per day
Refrigerator, 7 Amps for 8 Hours = (7x8) = 56 AH
Lighting, 1 Amp for 4 Hours = (1x4) = 4 AH
Daily Power Required = 60 AH
Add your 30% (safety measure) = (60 x 1.3%) = 78 AH
With 80% depth of discharge / Daily Power Requirement = (78 divided by 0.8)= 97.5 AH
Century Gel/AGM 100 AMP / HR -  suitable for this application under this condition


Auto Electrical Services:

Mobile Auto Electrician / Pickup - Drop off 

Caravan electric brakes

Caravan solar / Portable Solar / Solar panel kits

Battery isolator installations

Caravan lights - LED 12volt

12 pin plugs / Anderson plugs

External 12volt power supply

Safety checks  

Caravan / Campers / Motorhomes

caravan.caravanbanner3gk-is-111 (1).jpg
Caravan battery / Motorhome battery  Camper battery / Car battery  Deep cycle battery / Dual battries

Solar / Backup Setups

Batteries available for Solar set-ups -

Cars / Caravans / 4WD /  Campervans / Motorhomes

Boats / Trucks / Stand alone Sheds / Kennels / Car Ports

Click on this link to visit our Solar Solutions page for more information & examples 

Solar / Backup Setups
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