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We offer a Car Battery Replacement Service

We can remove the old & replace with a new car battery, checking the charge rate, for peace of mind.


Mobile Service Available

S&K The Mobile Way

Our qualified Electrician will

Check charge rate to ensure battery is at fault

Supply & fit battery replacement if required

Check battery terminals / battery cable connections

Dispose of old battery to relevant recyclers

Batteries to suit:

Cars / 4WD

Trucks / Earthmovers / Mowers

Marine / Motorbikes / Wetbikes

Wheelchairs / Golf Buggy

Caravan / Motorhomes

Solar / Backup Power

Benefits of Recycling

Prevents harm to wildlife

Protects the environment

Conserves natural resources for future generations

Saves energy, promotes clean air and reduces landfill space

Builds a better future for us all

Lead Acid Batteries are 98% Recyclable

Why are they hazardous?

Lead compounds can be absorbed through ingestion and inhalation
Lead is toxic to humans, pets and other animals including fish, and plants
Acid is corrosive;
Used lead acid batteries remain hazardous even when drained of acid because of the lead content.
That is why it is so important that your old battery is returned to a recycling centre where it will be handled correctly.

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Century Yuasa

Manufacturing and distributing automotive batteries for over 80 years.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to suit our unique driving conditions, the Century Hi Performance range delivers tough, dependable starting power and performance for today’s passenger vehicles. Featuring advanced calcium alloy technology for reduced corrosion, gassing and water loss to ensure longer service life.

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If you think you need a battery -  call us 1800 SKAUTO

We can come to you!

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